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 It is our recommendation that you see your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program.  Information on this site is approved for those over the age of 13.


Fitness Training

At Xcite Fitness, our strength training programs are based around proper core alignment and core training. Everything begins with the core including our training programs.  When your core is aligned and strong it is efficient and it allows all of your other muscles to become recruited, activated, and used at full potential.  Get strong, grow muscle, and tone and tighten your body with our strength training programs.

Diet and Food Coaching

Food and diet are the foundation of health and fitness.  At Xcite Fitness, we calculate your specific calorie needs, teach you about food and how to track it, and coach you through any difficulties you may have.  We work with our clients to recover metabolism when it is dysfunctional and provide enough education that they may take control of weight loss and weight maintenance. 

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs are specific to the work environment.  Just like fitness programs should be specific to the individual, so should corporate wellness programs.  We offer general fitness training, on site mobility and stretching, food coaching programs, office challenges, lunch and learn educational seminars, and much, much more. Corporate wellness programs are meant to save you money in health care costs and productivity while keeping your employees happy and healthy in the work place.  Invest in your team now, they will appreciate it.

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How to Train with Us

One-on-one Personal Training

One on one personal training at Xcite Fitness includes programs that are tailored for your specific needs.  Most of our one on one clients are working to recover an injury (new or old) and we meet at the gym facility no less than 2 times per week.  Depending on the clients needs and goals we may met up to 4 times per week.  One on one coaching works best for those who need a significant amount of corrective work, corrective exercise or dietary correction.

Semi-Private Taining

Our semi-private programs are where one trainer coaches 2-3 clients during each session.  Semi-private is a great option if you need a little more focused attention but don't required as much as one on one coaching provides.

Small Group Fitness

Our small group fitness training is onsite at our gym facility.  Groups are no larger than 6 clients so that our coaches can still be attentive to each clients needs.  After a short corrective period with one on one personal training, our clients will have the option to move into a small group class to continue their program and get the results they want.  

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"Have the courage to begin, the commitment to stay on your journey, and the consistency to be successful long term."
~Krissi Williford