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get stronger so you can love the way you look and feel.

Krissi Williford, Exercise Physiologist

About our fitness coaching

As Birmingham's only corrective exercise experts, our programs help men and women eliminate their pain, tone their body and get stronger so they can finally love the way they look and feel.

We focus on 3 areas: flexible dieting, joint mobility, and restorative exercise.

You need to eat well to perform and heal, in a way that supports the optimal function of your body, metabolism, and brain which doesn’t come from restrictive diets or high intensity cardio.

Joint mobility matters in your overall performance but it mostly matters in keeping you out of or recovering chronic pain/ tension.

Using exercises that are restorative in nature and for your body, you'll reduce pain and discomfort but also set yourself up to tone the places you don’t like and strengthen yourself overall.

Those are the 3 areas our personal training programs focus on to help you exercise outside of pain and eat well to enjoy life and be happy again.

This is our signature combination of joint mobility, restorative exercise, and flexible dieting that has been proven to work over and over again with our clients.

It’s different from everything else on the market because, unlike other personal trainers and generic fitness programs, that use restrictive calorie diets and programming that creates injury...

Our programs set you up for success by building a solid foundation around food and movement that improves your metabolism and your brain to body communication.

This enhances not only your weight loss and fitness capacity but your ability to heal and perform.

And the best part is, this is something you can practice for the rest of your life!

Our personal training and group exercise programs help you get out of pain, lose weight, improve in fitness, and get your self confidence back.

Happy Clients

Cheryl Kerwood

Best trainer I have ever had!

I came for help with an ongoing injury to my ankle. After 4 months of surgery I was still in a lot of pain with no guarantee that another surgery will fix my issue or relieve the pain. Krissi is trained in managing injuries from a joint perspective. She is helping me strengthen muscles in various areas which is leading to less pain in my ankle.

Amazing and I highly recommend this place to others. Especially former athletes who are prone to injuries. Conveniently located, flexible hours, and they focus on you and treat you like a person. Definitely NOT your typical gym mentality.

Michael Kittinger

Amy Cashio

Krissi has helped me for years. She has the education and experience to address my needs to improve my fitness, diet, and attitude! Truly interested in helping you grow older healthy!

How we help you get results

Personal Training

First 18

Small Group Coaching

personal training is one-on-one and structured to focus on your individual needs to get you the best results. Lose weight, get out of pain, improve your fitness, and get your self confidence back.

one on one training for 18 sessions. You're assessed, we work out any present pains or issues, and teach you how to move well under load. Every new member goes through the first 18.

fitness coaching in a small group with 6 members or less for a number of sessions per week. Coupled with 1 personal training session as often as you need it.

Specialized program will help you eliminate your pain and move free so you can exercise again and get the results you want. Focuses on joint mobility, vision, and balance.

3 Pillars Strong

Virtual Coaching

During these COVID times any of our programs can be delivered virtually. Health and fitness should be a priority even during a pandemic.

90 Days Online

90 day online program that delivers everything we teach in person in an easy to follow online program. Includes coaching, accountability, and community.

Community helps keeps you accountable and individual coaching gets you the best results

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Phone No: 205-706-2281

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